Smart Car Parking

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Brand: Orion iTech Solutions
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-   Moving towards smart city application, smart parking is a good example for a common citizen of How the things
    will be effectively and efficiently used in our daily living environments to provide different services to different users.

-   Any citizen may use his mobile device, a computer having Internet to access the smart city application from
    anywhere in the world to find a free parking spot in the city and get to know the which parking spot is still available.
-   It provide efficient car parking management through remote parking spot localization and fast car retrieval.
-   Presently, Car parking system is based on reservation basis, but this system has a drawback in terms of time and space.
-   This project management system can be grouped into multi-parking management which can be used to manage
    both outdoor and indoor parking area and single parking management which usually targets indoor parking lots.
-  The focus and objective of this project work lies on mono-parking management architectural system which works on real-time basis.

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