Wunderkind Infotech

  1. Basic Traffic Light

    Rs. 740.00

    Stop, wait, and Go!Follow The Traffic Light!What if your child can make the traffic light and..

  2. Magnetic Crane

    Rs. 840.00

    An Electromagnetic Crane works on the principle of electromagnetism. Due to electricity ..

  3. Solar Powered Fan – School Project For Kids

    Rs. 950.00

    Solar Powered Fan is one such project uses t..

  4. Drip Irrigation

    Rs. 840.00

    Drip irrigation is a very efficient and intelligent agricultural practice. It helps in conse..

  5. Electrolysis of Water

    Rs. 760.00

    Electrolysis is the process of breaking down water into its gaseous components – Hydrogen and Oxyg..

  6. Windmill Without Battery

    Rs. 740.00

    Windmill – Without Battery is based on the basic principle of  converting the  kinet..

  7. How to Make Solar Cell

    Rs. 1,020.00

    Solar and renewable energy is immensely important. Thanks to the ability to harness solar power,..

  8. Make a Bulb Yourself

    Rs. 1,240.00

    At www.studybazar.com , our team enjoys having fun. We find light and current very intriguing and ..

  9. Weather Station

    Rs. 1,040.00

    Making a Science project working model for rain gauge is very simple. A weather station is one of ..

  10. Lines of Magnetism

    Rs. 870.00

    DESCRIPTIONLines of Magnetism – science project for kids is a demonstration of Oersted’s Experiment..

  11. Purification of Dirty Water

    Rs. 740.00

    DESCRIPTION:Purification of dirty water is one of the very simple and effective projects for school..

  12. Simple Electricity Generator

    Rs. 1,650.00

    DESCRIPTION:Electromagnetism is one of the most amazing phenomenons  that kids study in scienc..

  13. Telegraph Machine

    Rs. 850.00

    DESCRIPTION:One of the most brilliant applications of electromagnetism is the Morse code. It made l..

  14. Windmill With Battery

    Rs. 820.00

    DESCRIPTION:Windmill with battery uses the simple concept of harnessing wind energy into electrica..

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