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    The project which we did is about”BOOK LIBRARY SEARCH”.In the book library search project we search the needed book, book is searched by entering the name of book .Library is one of the facilities which assist in the provision of resources in the educational process, to expedite the process of finding and borrowing services by members of the library has been used web-based Digital Library, where its application is still not available for online borrowing services and therefore required a system that allows the members of the library to access library services, especially the process of searching books online using mobile library application based on android. This product is brand of techkritya.

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    1.What is book library server app?
    Ans. A book library server is an electronic version of library . Android book libraryserver allow user to search about books and details about publication on moblie devices.

    2.What can i do with book library server?
    Ans. 1.Search-you can search books , about author.
         2.Easily navigate.

    3. Can i fill registration form for search books from library?
    Ans. No, only you need to download and install app in your mobile device.

    4.Can i search for particular book in this app?
    Ans. Yes,you also search for particular book .in this app we provide search engine in which you type the book name and easily found it.

    5.How do i get book library server on my device?
    Ans. Book library server is available on Android can get book search library through the Google play(Android).

    6.What does book library server offer to user?
    Ans. Book search library offers an easy-to-use interface that lets you browse more books or particular book.

    7.How much i pay for get book library server on my device?
    Ans. you have no need to pay for book library server it is freely available on android google play.

    8.Can i share information given in app with my friends?
    Ans. Yes, you easily share information by clicking on the share option icon .