C++ Program Design (w/CD)

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     1  Introduction to Computer Languages and C++ Programming

     2 Fundamentals of C++

     3 Control Structures

     4 Array

     5 Function

     6 Structures and Union

     7 Pointers

     8 Object Oriented Programming- Part I 

     9 Object Oriented Programming- Part II

    10 Inheritance

    11  Virtual Functions and Polymorphism

    12 Function and Operator Overloading

    13  Class Templates

    14  Function Templates

    15  Standard Template Library

    16 File Handling

    17 Exception Handling in C++

    18 Graphics in C++

    19 Data Structure in C++

    20 IO Stream

    G. S. Baluja:

    Mr. Gurvinder Singh is a teacher, trainer and consultant in the field of information technology. He holds on B.E. in Computer Science & Engineering & M.Tech in Computer Application from IIT Delhi. He has a large experience of teaching post graduate, graduate and engineering students