C Projects (w/CD)

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     1  Introduction

     2  Restaurant Billing System 

     3  Electronic Voting System

     4  Banking System 

     5  Pay Manager

     6  Library Management System

     7  Music Shop Management

     8  Year calendar 

     9  Drawing Logo

    10  Bricks Game

    11  Charts and Graphs

    12  Graphics Demo

    13  Utility Services

    Reeta Sahoo:

    The primary challenge of C++ project is to achieve all of the development goals and objectives while adhering to logic and techniquesusually scope, quality, time and budget. Reeta Sahoo is an author of various books including, C++, VB, Java. Since last 10 years, he has lots of experience in different computer project works. She has written number of schoolbooks including C++, Visual Basic, Java, etc. This book helps lots to the beginner's who want to develop programming skill in C++ language