Techkritya - Audio Video System

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    Chapter 1: Wave Motion
    Chapter 2: Vibrations of Strings and Columns
    Chapter 3: Hearing
    Chapter 4: Speech Music and Noise
    Chapter 5: Microphones
    Chapter 6: Headphones
    Chapter 7: Loudspeakers
    Chapter 8: Speakers Baffles and Enclosures
    Chapter 9: Mono Stereo and Quad
    Chapter 10: Acoustics
    Chapter 11: Dise Recording and Reproduction
    Chapter 12: Sources of Distortion in Disc Equipment
    Chapter 13: Magnetic Recording and Reproductions
    Chapter 14: Sources of Distortion in Tape Equipment
    Chapter 15: Amplifying Systems
    Chapter 16: Noise Reduction Systems
    Chapter 17: Recorder/Amplifier Circuits
    Chapter 1:8 Electronic Music Synthesizers
    Chapter 19: Optical Recording and Reproduction
    Chapter 20: Commercial Sound
    Chapter 21: Audio Systems
    Chapter 22: Monochrome TV Standardds and Systems
    Chapter 23: Colour TV Standards and Systems
    Chapter 24: Monochrome and Colour Television Controls
    Chapter 25: Video Tape Recording and Reproduction
    Chapter 26: Video Disc Recording and Playback
    Chapter 27: Theatre Sound System
    Chapter 28: Video Systems
    Chapter 29: The Philosophy of Troubleshooting
    Chapter 30: Preventive Maintenaqnce
    Chapter 31: Acoustical Measurements
    Chapter 32: Performance Tests
    Chapter 33: Troubleshooting Procedures

    SP Bali:

    Surinder Pal Bali has a long association, of over four decades with the field of electronics. He has worked in different capacities as a technician (repairing radio and line equipment) as an inspector (carrying out "in inspection and out inspection" of radio and line equipment) and as a lecturer (teaching diploma course in MCEME, Secunderabad). He is a Professional trainer and has been conductiong job oriented courses on "audio video" appliances. As a free lance technical journalist he has contributed articles to technical journals and authored about ten books.

    Rajeev Bali:

    Rajeev Bali is a Graduate Engineer with BTNL and has co-authored elements of electronic Investment.