Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines

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    Chapter 1: Fluid Pressure

    Chapter 2: Submerged Surfaces

    Chapter 3: Buoyancy

    Chapter 4: Fluid Kinematics

    Chapter 5: Fluid Dynamics

    Chapter 6: Orifices and Mouthpieces

    Chapter 7: Notches and Weirs

    Chapter 8: Dimensional Analysis

    Chapter 9: Viscous flow

    Chapter 10: Turbulent Flow

    Chapter 11: Pipe Flow

    Chapter 12: Flow in Open Channels

    Chapter 13: Boundary Layer Theory

    Chapter 14: Immersed Bodies

    Chapter 15: Compressible Flow

    Chapter 16: Impact of Jets

    Chapter 17: Hydraulic Turbines

    Chapter 18: Hydraulic Pumps

    Chapter 19: Miscellaneous Fluid Machines

    S.S. Rattan

    Dr. S.S. Rattan is currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Machanical Engineering at the Regional Engineering College, Kurukshetra. He did his post graduation in Mechanical Engineering from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh in 1981 . Since then he has been engaged in teaching and researching. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from Kurukshetra University in 1995 in the field of Tribology. He has authored several papers which have been published in national and international journals. He is also the author of two other books-Theory of Machines and Fluid Machines. He is a member of Society of Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power India.