Foundations of Bioinformatics

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    Chapter 1: Bioinformatics

    Chapter 2: The Diversity of Life Forms

    Chapter 3: Proteins

    Chapter 4: Nucleotide

    Chapter 5: Data Searches and their Alignment Method

    B.Tech Papers and Sample Question Papers

    Manuj Darbari:

    Manuj Darbari received his ME in Electronics and Communication from MNIT, Allahabad. He has done MBA from Lucknow Univeisiry, and Information Science and Technology fiom BIT, Mesra Ranchi. He has vast knowledge in the field of Electronics and latest issues in technology and has done CDAC Diploma in Advance Computing offered by CDAC Pune. He is presently working as Asst. Professor in information Technology Department, BBDNITM, Lucknow. He is also recognized as a charted (India) by Institution of Engineering.

    Kripa Shankar Pathak:

    Kripa Shankar Pathak received his B. Tech from Agra University in Information Technology branch with honors. He holds vast knowledge in the field of Communication and Information Technology related areas. He is currently working as Lecturer, Department of Information Technology, BBDNITM, Lucknow.