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    The project which we are dealing is about “Calculator”. This is a project to show how to do mathematical calculation .Here we have four functionality:
    1) Addition 
    2) Subtraction
    3) Multiplication
    4) Division

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    Q.1 What is the difference between Activity context and Application Context?
    The Activity instance is tied to the lifecycle of an Activity, while the application instance is tied to the lifecycle of the application.
    Q.2 At which minimum API level can your calculator work?
    Q.3 AsyncTask allows you to perform asynchronous work on your user interface. It performs the blocking operations in a worker thread and then publishes the results on the UI thread is true or false?
    Q.4 How to update UI from a service in android?
    Use a dynamic broadcast receiver in the activity, and send a broadcast from the service. Once the dynamic receiver is triggered update UI from that receiver.
    Q.5 What is shared preferences in android?
    Shared preferences are the simplest mechanism to store the data in XML documents.