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  • Brand: Orion iTech Solutions
    Product Code: SB01/CS116
    The project aims to make an online furniture store. It will be used by net users so that they can order products and make deals at the click of a mouse. The store has facilities for buying goods and can view all the products. Users can use their credit cards for buying the products of their own choice. There are so many categories of furniture. Users can view the product before credit the balance and can check the products quality.

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    Q.1 How do I view what’s in furniture shopping cart?

    A. To view the contents of your cart, click on the “Cart” icon in the upper-right corner of your computer screen. Once you click on this icon, you can easily change the number of copies you want to purchase of a particular item in your cart by updating the quantity listed and then clicking the “Update cart” link.

    Q.2 How do I add items to my cart?

    A. To add item to your cart, navigate to the page of the item you are interested in and then choose your desired version of that item. When you click the “Add to Cart” link, you will be brought to your "Shopping cart" page where you can then enter the quantity of the item that you would like to order using the "Quantity" field on the below of the product. After you have entered a quantity, then your product will be added in to the cart.

    Q.3 How do I remove items from my cart?

    A. First, click on the “Cart” link in the upper-right corner of your computer screen. This will allow you to view all items currently in your cart. Once you have identified the item that you would like to delete, click on the “Delete” check box to the left of the item description and then that item will be removed from your cart.

    Q. 4 What are the entities in your project?

    A. Customer, Product, Admin.

    Q. 5 Which software you used in your project?

    A. We have used Core PHP for front end technology and used My SQL for Back End database.