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Upload and download files is a simple project in which we can download any file ex: images, excel, ppt, pdf and we can also upload files very easily. 
We need a file folder. We can upload files which are already exists in files folder. There is a need of database to store the file and download  by clicking on that file which we want to download.

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Q.1 How can the user delete the file that he/she uploaded?
A. <?php
$file = "test.txt";
if (!unlink($file))
  echo ("Error deleting $file");
  echo ("Deleted $file");

Q.2 How to add one text box in the coding and also add that value in table?
A. You can upload until your server space.

Q.3 How to upload a file in this project?
A. Firstly, choose the file which you want to upload then click on the upload button then that file will be uploaded. That uploaded file is store in the project folder through database.

Q.4 How to download a file in this project?
A. By click on the file name which you want to download then your file will be downloaded.

Q.5 Can we upload any size of data in this project?
A. No, there is a size limitation of the file which can you upload.