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    This is a sample program to show how to perform a Zip conversion. When the process starts, it converts all the files which are included in that project into Zip one by one as well as multiple files at a time. Converted Zip file will be stored in specified output path.

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    Q.1 How to store a file in Zip converter?

    A. You can store the source file by adding the selected files in the source code of the project.

    Q.2 How to download multiple files in zip at a time?

    A. To download multiple zip files at a time, on clicking multiple check box which are in left on the screen then click on download. After that all the files will be downloaded.

    Q.3 We can store any kind of file like docx, pdf, etc.?

    A. Yes, we can store any kind of files in the source code of the project.

    Q.4 How to get result?

    A. By clicking on the download button, you can easily get the result in the Zip format.

    Q.5 How to add files in Zip?

    A. By using this code,

         $zip-> addfile ($file_folder.$file);

         We can add source file which are exist in the project.