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    Normally we use continuity testing to check if a circuit, PCB or cable is continuous or not. It also helps us to check if a bulb is burnt out or not. Simply we can do the test by using a battery and a led or buzzer, but they are not precise or accurate. 

    Usually we use a continuity test multimeter which is little bit costly and bulky too. Also these give a positive indication even when there is 100 ohms of resistance between the probes. So how to make a continuity tester which has no such kind of drawbacks. 

    This circuit is built around a common 555 chip wired in astable mode. The continuity test circuit can precisely judge continuity as that low 6 to 8 ohms (which can be set by using the preset).

    You can enclose this low cost circuit in a suitable case and attach it with multimeter probes to have a device look.This product is brand of techkritya.

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    Q1. Why we have used 555 timer IC in this project?
    Ans2. We have used 555 timer IC to set the time delay for the doorbell to ring. The 100K resistor  and 33uF capacitor sets the time delay about 3.6 seconds of continuous ringing.

    Q.2 What is the mode/configuration of 555 timer IC used?
    Ans2. The 555 timer IC is used in an astable multivibrator mode.  

    Q.3 What do you mean by Continuity Tester?
    Ans3. A continuity tester is a device which tests the continuity of the wire at hand. It is an indispensable tool to check broken wires and undesired shorting of wires. 

    Q.4 How the Continuity tester checks the continuity of  wires?
    Ans. we want to check if the wire is connected from one end to another, then use the probes of the continuity tester and put to the ends of the wires to be tested.