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    The present energy billing systems are discrete, inaccurate, costly and slow. They are also time and labor consuming. The major drawback of traditional billing system is power and energy theft. This drawback is reduced by using a prepaid energy meter which is based on the concept “pay first and then use it”.

     Prepaid energy meter also reduces the error made by humans while taking readings to a large extent and there is no need to take reading in it. The prepaid energy meter uses a recharge card which is available in various ranges. The recharge is done by using a keypad and the meter is charged with the amount. 

    According to the power consumption, the amount will be reduced.  An LDR (light dependent resistor) circuit counts the amount of energy consumed and displays the remaining amount of energy on the LCD. A relay system has been used which shut down or disconnect the energy meter and load through supply mains when the recharge amount is depleted. A buzzer is used as an alarm which starts before the recharge amount reaches a minimum value.

    Why Pre payment is better from supplier point of view?

    Pay before use, keep customers on supply, recover money owed (debt), lower overhead, no bill production, no bill distribution, no need to chase payments, no further actions such as disconnections, social acceptability, customer responsible for disconnection, load and demand side management, limit load, load based, time based.

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