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    Measuring soil moisture is important in agriculture to help farmers manage their irrigation systems more efficiently. Farmers not only generally use less water to grow a crop. They also want to increase yields and the quality of the crop by better management of soil moisture during critical plant growth stages.
    Plants seem to have something in common with pets. They are usually acquired or given with the best intentions, but not everybody seems to be able to look after them properly. Of course we do not expect everybody to have green fingers, but when plants are not watered enough they simply die. 
    In any case, too much neglect usually has fatal consequences. Cactuses seem to survive such a careless treatment the longest and we have to admit that these are the only plants that manage to survive at our offices.
    So what can we do about it? 
    It’s simple really. All it needs is for regular checks to feel if the soil in the pot has become too dry. But what is ‘too dry’? Some people just don’t seem to have the right fingers for this task. A little electronics can be used to rid us of this problem forever.
    The circuit provided, might be very simple, but it’s a very useful soil moisture detector. Two electrodes are stuck in the soil and the moisture level is shown on the display. The LEDs have been arranged into three colours : green LEDs indicate that the soil is damp, yellow LEDs that it’s getting a bit dry and red LEDs warn that immediate action is required.This product is brand of techkritya.

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