Techkritya - Temperature Based Exhaust Fan

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    This project is room temperature control which is using 10K NTC Thermistor and exhaust fan for performing it work. This design work can be used in a processing plant to maintain comfortable atmosphere in the environment. 

    The proposed model consists of NTC to control temperature respectively. The current temperature is detected by the temperature sensor and according to the intensity of output, the speed of exhaust fan adjusted. 

    When the current temperature in the room reaches set point, it serves as one of the input for transistor. The exhaust fan speed is controlled accordingly to maintain the correct temperature. This project work will increase the capability of fuzzy logic control systems in process automation with potential benefits.This product is brand of techkritya.

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    Q1. Which sensor we are using in this project, how it senses the temperature?
    Ans1. The NTC Thermistor is a temperature sensor, whose output voltage is proportional to the temperature. NTC Thermistor sensor is interfaced with the transistor to measure the room temperature.
    Q2. What is the significance of the motor which act as exhaust fan, in this project?
    Ans2. The motor used in this project act as exhaust fan, the motor speed will vary according to the room temperature. That means motor will rotate very slowly when the temperature is low and speed will increase as the temperature increases.
    Q3. Why we are using two potentiometers here?
    Ans3. We are using two potentiometers in this project, one for varying speed of motor and another for varying light intensity of led.
    Q4. Why we are using NPN and PNP transistor?
    Ans4. NPN and PNP transistors are using for amplification of current.
    Q5. Do we have to provide power supply to motor?
    Ans5. Yes we have to provide power supply of 12V to the motor.