Electronic Voting Machine

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    The Online Voting system is made for the people of the country residing around the world and wants to vote for their representative. The election can be conducted in two ways the paper ballot election and the automated ballot elections. The automated ballot elections are called the electronic voting. The online voting system is highly developed and the online polling system can be replaced by accurately and directly voting online and immediate results. The online voting system is done by the internet so it can be called the Internet Voting.
    Key Point:- PHP,MYSQL,JS,HTML,CSS.

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    Q.1: Can I reuse the password received for the first time by me for Electronic Voting Machine?
    A. The e-Voting system will force the user to change the password during the first login.
    Q.2: Once I cast my vote on e-Voting System, can I modify my vote before the closing of e-Voting cycle?
    A. Vote once casted will be considered final and cannot be modified.
    Q.3: How will I know if e-Voting website is secured?
    A. If you are visiting the website with a secure connection, you will be able to identify the website through the site's certificate. A secure or encrypted website address will begin with HTTPS rather than HTTP, and you will see a lock icon in the Address bar.
    Q.4:  How will I benefit from the e-Voting system?
    A. Sufficient time to vote till the end of voting cycle. Elimination of postal ballots getting lost in-transit & Paperless mode of casting vote.
    Q.5 How do I register for e-Voting facility?
    A. your registration already registered through admin, before voting date.