Techkritya - RFID Based Electronic Passport System

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    The word RFID refers to Radio Frequency Identification. RFID is a tracking system which uses intelligent bar codes to track items in a store. RFID finds many applications including access management, tracking goods, tracing human beings and animals, toll collection, non contact payment etc.

    The key functionality of this project is to access the passport details of a passport holder through RFID technology. For this purpose the authorized person is given an RFID card. This card contains an integrated circuit that is used for storing, processing information through modulating and demodulating of the radio frequency signal that is being transmitted.

    Thus, the data stored in this card is referred as the passport details of the person. Passport verification and checking is a very time consuming process. 

    This proposed system simplifies the process by giving the authorized person an RFID tag containing all the passport details like name, passport number and nationality etc. This product is brand of techkritya.

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    Q. 1. What is RFID?

    Ans.1 RFID (radio frequency identification), by which recognize any number by RFID card.

    Q.2 . Why we use LM7805 ic for supply?

    Ans.2  All components are work on 5V dc supply and LM7805 is a voltale regulator IC which provide 5V dc supply in output.

    Q. 3. What is the working of this project.?

    Ans.3   when any user show their card on rfid module this card number is read by RFID module and microcontroller then it will show the message on the LCD display.