Learning Project Kit

  • Rs. 840.00

    An Electromagnetic Crane works on the principle of electromagnetism. Due to electricity ..

  • Rs. 7,599.00

    Sturdy construction and colorful design entice children to put Bee-Bot through its paces. Dir..

  • Rs. 840.00

    Drip irrigation is a very efficient and intelligent agricultural practice. It helps in conse..

  • Rs. 760.00

    Electrolysis is the process of breaking down water into its gaseous components – Hydrogen and Oxyg..

  • Rs. 740.00

    Windmill – Without Battery is based on the basic principle of  converting the  kinet..

  • Rs. 1,020.00

    Solar and renewable energy is immensely important. Thanks to the ability to harness solar power,..

  • Rs. 1,240.00

    At www.studybazar.com , our team enjoys having fun. We find light and current very intriguing and ..

  • Rs. 291.00

    Telescopic Jack ..

  • Rs. 1,040.00

    Making a Science project working model for rain gauge is very simple. A weather station is one of ..

  • Rs. 870.00

    DESCRIPTIONLines of Magnetism – science project for kids is a demonstration of Oersted’s Experiment..

  • Rs. 740.00

    DESCRIPTION:Purification of dirty water is one of the very simple and effective projects for school..

  • Rs. 1,650.00

    DESCRIPTION:Electromagnetism is one of the most amazing phenomenons  that kids study in scienc..

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