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    FLAMES app is a fun app that is the way of finding compatibility between two persons based on their names. Based on the calculation the compatibility is arrived at one of the following viz. Friend, Love, Ancestors, Marriage, Enemy and Sister. 
    All of us have some time in our young age played this fun game where in we enter our name and some girl’s name (say a crush of mine!!) and check out our compatibility. All the while we are aware that its just Fun.

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    Q.1 What is the meaning of flames?

    A. F- Friends, L- Lovers, A- Ancestors, M- Married, E- Enemy, S- Sisters.

    Q.2 How to get result?

    A. On clicking the flames button, you will get the result of your relationship.

    Q.3 If I entered a same name in both text box, then what will be the result?

    A. It shows both names are same.

    Q.4 How to show the flames in output?

    A. By using switch case, the flames are shown in the output as your relationship.

    Q.5 How it works?

    A. It works on the basis of string length. It gives the flames or result, which is matched with string length