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    In our days email is one of the most popular ways of communication. In this project we will implement website which will provide a Communication between the user through which he will have an easy and convenient way to access his mail account, and manage them with minimal effort. With this website, user will be able to check his all the details about user like inbox, sent box, draft, etc. by accessing our website. In this project, user can also change their password, themes, etc.

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    Q.1 SMTP server is used in this project?

    A. No, in this project, SMTP server is not used. Without SMTP server, we send a mail in this project.

    Q.2 Can we send mail to that person which is not registered in this project?

    A. No, we cannot send a mail to that person which is not registered in this project.

    Q.3 Can we send a mail to the multiple recipients?

    A. Yes, we can send a mail to the multiple recipients at a time and we can also add any user in to CC.  

    Q.4 How to change the password?

    A. After login your id, there is an option of change password on the top of the screen click on that and fills all the requirements and then click on submit button then it will show a message that your password is successfully changed.

    Q.5 Can we change the theme?

    A. Yes, we can change the theme of your mail page by clicking on the change theme button which is on the top of the screen.