Fabrication of Automatic Pneumatic Hacksaw Cutter

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    Product Code: SB02/ME106

    This mechanical design is very helpful for regular cutting of shafts or thick sheets. As we know to cut a bid metal shaft though cutter or blade take to much human power and efforst with lots of time. To make this work easy and convinent we are designing a mechanical project which will cut the shaft or sheet automatically. In this project we are using hacksaw cutter which is connected with the Tie rod two way cylinder, this cylinder is connected with a micro controller controlled circuit which will run the hacksaw automaticaly untill the job was not finished. We also designed a clamp to fix the job at a desired point so that we will received the exact piece of shaft or sheet as we required. The advanced feature of the automatic pneumatic hacksaw cutter is that it will automatically stop as the job is finished.

    * Compressor is not include in the project

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