Magnetic Crane

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An Electromagnetic Crane works on the principle of electromagnetism. 
Due to electricity flowing through the wire, the circuit becomes 
magnetic and this magnetism helps the crane to lift up light metallic objects. 
This model is a very easy science project for school kids in class 7th and 8th.

If you’re looking at a project that would teach your child the integrated 
the concept of an electric circuit, magnetism as well as the principle of how a crane works, 
there is no better physics project on electric current and electromagnetism than 
this one brought to you by

It is simple, it’s fun, easy to make and creates a fully functional science model 
that actually can lift pins and smaller metallic objects like a real crane!

Kit Contents:

  •   1.  Copper wire
  •   2.  Battery with cap
  •   3.  Paper clip
  •   4.  One bolt
  •   5.  Two iron rods
  •   6.  Thread
  •   7.  One piece of sand paper
  •   8.  Two screws
  •   9.  Two wooden strips
  • 10.  One small plywood box

You will also need scissors, screw driver and an adult to help the child make the project.

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