Library Automation System Using RFID

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    Radio frequency identification (RFID) is an automatic identification method, which can store and remotely retrieve data using devices called RFID tags. The technology requires cooperation of RFID reader and RFID tag. The RFID based LMS facilitates the fast issuing, reissuing and returning of books with the help of RFID enabled modules. 

    It directly provides the book information and library member information to the library management system and does not need the manual typing. This technology has slowly begun to replace the traditional barcodes on library items and has advantages as well as disadvantages over existing barcodes.

    The RFID tag can contain identifying information, such as a book's title or code, without having to be pointed to a separate database. The information is read by an RFID reader, which replaces the standard barcode reader commonly found at a library's circulation desk. 

    For which utmost care has been taken  to remove manual book keeping of records, reduce time consumption as line of sight and manual interaction are not needed for RFID-tag reading and improve utilization of resources like manpower, infrastructure etc. 

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