Movable Moving Bridge

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    There is 70.9% of surface of the earth is covered by the water so there is a tremendous important to transport via the water way but the main role played by trains and road when internal transport of country is in keeping in view. But three ways i.e. road trains and marine plays main role in transport for inside the country and outside the countries. A movable bridge is a bridge that moves to allow passage for boats and barges. An advantage of making moving bridges movable includes lower price due to the absence of high piers and long approaches. The principle disadvantage is that traffic on the bridge must be halted when it is opened for passages. For the small bridge movement may be enabled without the need for an engine. Some bridges are operated by users especially those with the boats, other by a bridge man, a few remotely using video cameras and loudspeakers. Generally the bridges are powered by electric motors whether operating winches, gearing or hydraulic pistons while movable bridges in their entirely may be quite long the length of the movable portion is restricted by engineering and cost consideration to a few hundred feet.

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