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  1. SIM 800 GSM Module

    Rs. 550.00

    This GSM Modem can accept any GSM network operator SIM card and act just like a mobile p..

  2. Automatic Change Over Switch

    Rs. 1,500.00

    Automatic Change Over Switch is an electrical switch that switches a load between ..

  3. Clap Switch

    Rs. 800.00

    Clap Switch is a basic electronics mini-project, made with the help of the basic com..

  4. DTMF Module

    Rs. 304.00

    The DTMF module is a Dual Tone Multiple frequency i.e. DTMF modules help you to control your ro..

  5. Electric Door Bell

    Rs. 960.00

    This project  is  a simple electronic doorbell circuit powered by a battery so..

  6. Electricity Generate using Footstep

    Rs. 7,500.00

    The control mechanism carries the piezoelectric sensor, A.C ripples neutralizer, unidir..

  7. Flames Test

    Rs. 541.00

    FLAMES app is a fun app that is the way of finding compatibility between two persons based o..

  8. Frequency Modulation (FM) Transmitter

    Rs. 1,500.00

    The circuit is a simple but yet a Very High Frequency (VHF) FM Transmitter. This FM ..

  9. General First Year Engineering Kit

    Rs. 1,299.00

    First year Engineering kit Contains:1. Mini Drafter (Transparent) - Better Grip, Sturdy, Li..

  10. Go Kart 163 CC Engine

    Rs. 17,500.00

    950 Series™Briggs & Stratton general purpose horizontal shaft engines are built to be t..

  11. Heart Beat Monitoring System

    Rs. 2,200.00

    A heart rate monitoring system is a personal monitoring device that allows one to mea..

  12. Home & Industrial Safety Using Fire and Gas Detection System By GSM

    Rs. 7,500.00

    The home and industry safety using fire and gas alarm system is a project which is used to..

  13. Home Appliances Control System

    Rs. 2,000.00

    A home appliance control system (HACS) is a system which provides various ser..

  14. IOT Controlled Devices and Load Management

    Rs. 15,500.00

    IOT means Internet of things by which we can control any hardware or embedded circuit through our la..

  15. IR based Door Open / close System

    Rs. 2,200.00

    IR  based Door Open / close System ..

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