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    Simple calculator is a simple application to perform simple calculations. You can perform addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication operations. Enter numbers in the text box and click on the operation you want to perform. Then you get a result

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    Q.1 Can we calculate modes in this calculator?
    A. No, this is a simple calculator. We cannot calculate a mode of the value.

    Q.2 What are the functions of calculator?
    A. It’s a Simple Calculator which only calculates addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

    Q.3 How it works?
    A. There is a numeric keypad in which you can type any numeric values with operations which you want then click on the equals to symbol then u will get result.

    Q.4 Can we implement this project?
    A. Yes, we can implement this project by adding the scientific functions in this calculator.

    Q.5 Can we perform operations between more than 2 values?
    A. Yes, we can perform operations between more than 2 values.