Techkritya - Tempered Energy Meter Monitoring Conveyed To Control Room By GSM

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  • Brand: Orion iTech Solutions
    Product Code: SB-GSM-002

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    The project aims at building a project which will send a message if the energy meter is found tampered. The alert message is sent via GSM modem to the concerned authority. As electricity consumption is increasing, so we need to keep check on its misuse. 

    In remote areas where reach of authority is difficult this system will provide efficient way to monitor whether meter is working properly or not. If found tempered the GSM system will send message to the authorized person.

    Energy meter is integrated with the system in such a way that if anybody opens the cover of the meter, an IR sensing arrangement sends a command to the microcontroller.

    Microcontroller then senses a change in the logical input from IR sensor and gives command to the GSM modem to send an SMS to the designated mobile phone number stored in the controller’s memory. The GSM module works on serial communication and use AT commands to send message. The message is also displayed on the LCD.This product is brand of techkritya.

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